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About Us


Back in our university times, we have come to know one another in the subgroup of NTU (Nanyang Technological University) Chinese Society, namely the Harmonica Subgroup.

In the year 1997, this harmonica septet "Resonica" was born. She was one who resonates with the wonderful sound of harmonica. Our first appearance was in the society's public concert - Vivace II.

The bell of graduation toll and we were faced with the fate of separation. Today, five of us still hang on together, holding our weekly practices regardless of rain or shine. Our skills and techniques have improved a great deal through these practices. The bonds among us have strengthen through these testing times. It has already been six years  since we first began and we will continue.

Our musical style is one of creativity and originality. We like to play with new ideas and dare to try new concepts. We believe that music should be enjoyable to both the players and the audience.


This page was last updated on 01/06/2003.

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