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Vivace II
琴缘(Qin Yuan) I
2nd APAC Festival
Vivace III
琴缘 (Qin Yuan) III
琴缘(Qin Yuan) IV
琴缘(Qin Yuan) V
Harmonica In Alert
Christmas in Novena


琴缘 (Qin Yuan) III


June, 2000. Touch Community Theater.

We were invited to the concert organized by Harmonica Aficionados Society (HAS). We are proud to be invited to perform at their many concerts.

This time round, we had a new Resonican joining us. The piece that we performed at this concert were Lonely Goatherd and When the Saints Go Marching In. These pieces required a lot of coordination among the members. Despite the technical difficulties of the pieces, we performed to the audience in high spirits. Rapport among the members proved to be an essential ingredients in bringing us further success in this concert.

Songs by us:

  • Lonely Goatherd (from opera "The Sound Of Music")

  • When the Saints Go Marching In (composed by James M. Black)

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