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Vivace II
琴缘(Qin Yuan) I
2nd APAC Festival
Vivace III
琴缘 (Qin Yuan) III
琴缘(Qin Yuan) IV
琴缘(Qin Yuan) V
Harmonica In Alert
Christmas in Novena


2nd APAC Festival


August, 1998. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

It was our first exposure to regional activities. It was eye-opening event for us. Although we were audiences and not participants, we were greatly inspired by the excellent skills of the harmonica maestros. We were determined to exert ourselves in our endeavor to achieve splendid mastery of our instruments.

Thus, in the one year to come, we decided not to participate in any performances. We wanted to take this one year time to hone our skills. Like olden days KungFu master, we were practicing behind closed doors. We did not flinch in the face of wearisome and monotonous drills. This one year of training indeed paid off. We saw that our skills and techniques improved tremendously.


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