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Vivace II
琴缘(Qin Yuan) I
2nd APAC Festival
Vivace III
琴缘 (Qin Yuan) III
琴缘(Qin Yuan) IV
琴缘(Qin Yuan) V
Harmonica In Alert
Christmas in Novena


Vivace II


August, 1997. DBS Auditorium.


This public concert was organized by the Chinese Language Society of NTU. We were the students there then. We had seven members at that time. This was our first public appearance.

We played a piece of melodic music from the soundtrack of the Italian movie "The Postman". This was a challenge to our skills and techniques. The mood was not easy to master.

Interestingly, we also had a popular tune "The end of the world" where we had an accompanied vocalist! This was certainly an unusual attempt with the instruments.

Songs by us:

  • Bicycle (soundtrack from the movie "The Postman")

  • The end of the world (popular oldies)

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