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Vivace II
琴缘(Qin Yuan) I
2nd APAC Festival
Vivace III
琴缘 (Qin Yuan) III
琴缘(Qin Yuan) IV
琴缘(Qin Yuan) V
Harmonica In Alert
Christmas in Novena


Vivace III


July, 1997. World Trade Center Auditorium, Singapore.

This public concert was organized by the Chinese Language Society of NTU. We were invited as guest performers this time round. We were recognized as an alumni of the Harmonica subgroup.

This was our first performance after our one-year of practice behind closed doors. We demonstrated our skills in Carmen and a medley consists of XinYao (Singapore folksong) and Malay folksong. Only three of our members were able to join in this performance. We appeared youthful in brightly colored Hawaiian T-shirts and Bermudas. We were so successful at wooing the audience that the auditorium were filled with lively souls and joyous laughter. That is our objective -- creating resonance the harmonica way.

Songs by us:

  • Carmen

  • Medley of XinYao (Singapore folksong) and Malay folksong

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